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"Personal and individual solutions, not universal. 

Unique and variable models, not large-scale and modular. 

Less technology, more ideas and creativity.

Tolerance regarding ambiguity and contradiction.

Acceptance of imperfection as an added value."



I love to surf. I love to design.  

I studied and trained in Industrial Design and have worked as an Art Director for more than 10 years, gaining experience in the fields of fashion, communication and design.

As a professional creative and spending every minute of my free time in the seas and oceans of the world, I decided to join my two passions together and start building my first board. I felt the need to get away from the computer screen, use my hands and challenge myself in absolute freedom, living a conscious life in self-imposed technological regression.  In reality, my strongest motivation was the desire to try what I couldn’t find or couldn’t afford.


Traveling the world and trying out every type of board, I perceived the countless possibilities of expression in the water connected to them.  I realized that adapting to the boards shouldn't be determined and limited, but rather an opportunity to extend personal horizons.


Each board is part of the same surfing experience and is crucial to its own expression on the wave.  A board can indulge or destroy your surfing desires.


The choice of board is fundamental and reflects your way of interacting with the surface of the water and to empathize with fluid.  You have to be extremely honest with yourself about your level of physical abilities, because one board alone will not change your surfing.For me, the essence of surfing has always been far from athletic performance or the pursuit of technical results.  Rather, I see it as a pure expression of what man and nature can do together, and therefore an experience where style, creativity, fluidity, beauty, simplicity, cleanliness, lines and trimming are fundamental.


Creating a board that can suit everyone is definitely not my first goal. I’m deeply interested in translating the desire of an individual surfer, transforming and crafting it into a functional project.


There are certainly some inspiring principles behind my designs and stylistic choices.

Some come from my former training and career path; others are related to my personal aesthetic taste. Some occupy a central role in the shaping activity that become Zen and meditative, while others concern the design method and the difference between a work of art / luxury and a functional object.


A board, as an art object that surfers push to the limit to seek physical emotion, is a unique object.  


The uniqueness of my boards is the factor I like to focus on the most, embodied with core values ​​of craftsmanship, creativity, quality, passion and enthusiasm.  I’m increasingly convinced that I want to build an object entirely handmade with its own times and in extreme contrast to the prevailing tendency to mass production out in the market.   I shape against the wave of standardization that satisfies the need for unbridled consumption.


Seen as a unique object, a board reminds us that we can express our individual identity and we connect with the most authentic and true part of ourselves, making the surfing experience even more precious, participating in the dynamic flow of nature.

Claudio Fina

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